Why Are Tractor Trailer Accidents Considered To Be More Complicated?

There are huge differences between crashes that involve 2 regular passenger vehicles and accidents that involve semi-trucks. We are faced with several new factors that we normally do not think about. The help of semi truck accident lawyers is mandatory since your claim will be much more complex. Several parties will be involved, and you will have to deal with several possible complications.

Some of the clear differences that have to be mentioned are presented in the following paragraphs.

More Catastrophic Injuries Appear In Truck Accidents

Tractor trailers are much larger and are heavier than regular passenger vehicles. This is important because it means accidents would be much more severe and there is always a really high possibility injuries would be fatal. When seeing such accidents, injuries tend to involve very severe complications, including paralysis, brain damage, disfigurement, and amputation. Lifelong treatment would be needed, and the possibility of death is very high.

More Parties Will Be Involved

In a truck accident, it is very common to see several at-fault parties involved. Besides the trucking company and the truck driver, you might also find parties like cargo loaders, truck manufacturers, and more who would share responsibility, all based on facts, of course.

Unfortunately, cases can become so complex that it will be very difficult to properly figure out who will be responsible for your damages. Since there are several entities involved, they will all try to do all that is possible to avoid making payments. Shifting blame is very common so your best defense is always presenting evidence. You can only get that evidence after a thorough investigation. It is simply better to have an injury attorney do this instead of you so you could focus on your injuries and your recovery.

Higher Insurance Limits

Trucking companies always have much higher insurance policy limits in place. This is because federal and state regulations actually require the semi-trucks to have these. As a result, whenever injured in truck accidents, the compensation available for you is simply much higher, which is actually necessary to cover losses that would be much higher than with regular car accidents.

Because of the fact that the stakes are higher, and insurers often deny liability, obtaining large and correct payouts may not be possible in your case without doing some extra-legal legwork. Once again, having a truck accident attorney in your corner will help.


Tractor trailer accidents and claims are always very complicated. It is very important to file a proper claim that would present evidence to support your claim. This is not at all something simple to do.

It is very important to look for an experienced truck accident attorney who is capable of representing your best interests in front of the several other parties involved and during insurance settlement negotiations. You will definitely be tempted to file the claim alone in order to get more money, but this might be the biggest mistake you would make.