The Benefits of Hiring a Green Card Attorney for Employment-Based Immigration

Getting a Green Card through employment is one of the most common ways for non-citizens to live and work permanently in the United States. The first step of this process is the PERM Labor Certification, also known as a “Green Card.”

This is where hiring an experienced immigration attorney comes in handy. Below are four significant benefits of doing so:

Experience with Green Card

The immigration system can be complex and challenging to navigate. Mistakes by the government and applicants can have catastrophic consequences for a person’s chance of becoming a legal permanent resident. Having an attorney by your side can help ensure all the information and paperwork are correctly presented.

The path to employment-based green cards can be a complicated one. To obtain a green card through your employer, you must undergo a labor certification process with the Department of Labor (PERM). This process requires that the sponsoring company advertise for a specific position and show that no US workers are qualified, willing, or available to take the job.

An immigration attorney can assist you by advertising for your position and ensuring all required documentation is submitted on time. Additionally, if the Department of Labor audits your case, an attorney can ensure it is handled correctly and does not delay your processing time.


Immigration laws are incredibly complicated, and making a mistake that could significantly delay or even derail your green card process is straightforward. An experienced lawyer will help you avoid these mistakes, and they will ensure that all of your paperwork is complete and accurate. If you have any questions about your case, your attorney will be able to answer them immediately.

When choosing a green card attorney, it is essential to find one who specializes in immigration law and has extensive experience with the complex legal process. Also, make sure to consider their qualifications, credentials, and reputation. Additionally, look for attorneys at Getachew & Ansari Immigration Attorneys, P.C., who offer transparent attorney fees and communicate with you regularly. Finally, it is usually best to choose an attorney who charges a flat fee for standard services rather than an hourly rate. This will save you money in the long run and prevent any surprises. An excellent green card lawyer will be worth their fees.

Green Card


In many cases, hiring a Green Card Attorney can save applicants considerable time. An experienced attorney can streamline the process and ensure all deadlines are met. In addition, attorneys can assist with avoiding errors and pitfalls. An experienced attorney can also help alleviate stress and frustration.

Immigration laws are complex, and minor paperwork errors can have catastrophic consequences. An immigration lawyer specializing in green card processing can quickly spot mistakes and promptly organize information.

When selecting a Green Card Attorney, you must find one with whom you can establish a relationship of trust and communication. To ensure a productive and successful attorney-client relationship, you should seek recommendations from friends or colleagues and review online platforms that can provide insight into the lawyer’s reputation and experience. In addition, you should ensure that the lawyer can explain complicated legal concepts clearly and clearly. In addition, you should also assess compatibility to ensure that the attorney is a good fit for your individual needs and objectives.

Cost Green Card Apply

The process for obtaining an employment-based green card can be expensive. Attorney fees, USCIS, and other applicable fees can add up quickly. Hiring a Green Card Attorney can help to cut down on these costs.

An immigration attorney will ensure that all the necessary documents and forms are submitted to the government promptly. This will prevent delays which can cause the green card application to be delayed or rejected.

The US immigration system is complex, and there are many different categories of visas, each with its own unique set of requirements. It can be easy for an inexperienced person to make a mistake that will devastate the application. A reputable legal firm will be familiar with the ins and outs of the Employer-sponsored Green Card process. It can save applicants time, money, and aggravation by guiding them through this challenging process.