Basic Human Rights You Should Know About

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Every human being on this planet has basic rights. If we don’t protect them, they could be taken away without our even noticing. Here are some basic human rights you should know about.

1. The Right to Be Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Public Speaker, Mohamed Soltan was arrested and imprisoned in Egypt without a trial after posting online about military brutality at a sit-in. He now fights for human rights and educates others about the horrendous treatment of political prisoners. Every citizen on this planet has the right to be presumed innocent until found guilty by a group of peers. Sadly, that does not happen in some countries.

2. The Right to Freedom from Discrimination

Discrimination is prejudicial treatment toward other people because of their race or sex as well as age or other bias. It happens in every country and virtually every cultural group. People file charges of discrimination in the workplace for a number of reasons. Avoid racism and discrimination by educating yourself. Read books and watch documentaries. Listen to what people in other cultural groups have to say.

3. The Right to Privacy

Everyone has the right to be free from intrusion or publicity of those things that are personal. You have the right to freedom from surveillance. You also have the right to be left alone. No government should be allowed to intrude into fundamental decisions of a personal nature. They should be yours alone to make.

4. The Right to Own Property

Every citizen in the world has the right to own property and other possessions. The government should not be allowed to seize your property arbitrarily.

Human Right

5. The Right to Freely Express One’s Opinion

Everyone has an opinion, and every global citizen should have the right to share those ideas with others. You have the right to speak your mind without governmental interference.

6. The Right to Move Freely

All citizens of the globe should be allowed to move freely within their own countries. They should have the right to leave their country if they so choose. They also have the right to return to their own country.

7. The Right to Protection from Torture or Other Inhumane Treatment

No one should be subjected to torture or other inhumane treatment. Unfortunately, it does happen. Forced migrants have been subjected to it. Torture also occurs in countries across the globe, including in Africa and South America as well as in India.

8. The Right to Education

Elementary education should be free and available in every country. Professional and technical education should also be available to anyone who wants it. All education should be available so long as people qualify academically.

Understanding the basic human rights every citizen is entitled to is the first step. The next is to recognize anytime there is a violation of those rights. When it does occur, document it and report it to the proper authorities. By fighting to protect human rights, you will make the globe safer for future generations.